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Although, it is not mandatory to hire a migration agent, but there are many benefits of using a migration agent for visa application. There are number of visa subclasses, and process of applying for visa can be very complicated. Many people face refusal of visa due to not given enough or correct information due to limited understanding of visa application process and supporting evidences required. Using a Migration Agent can help applicant with decision ready application which can be processed quickly instead of cases where case officer had to request information multiple times, resulting in delay in final decision sometime by months. Registered Migration agent at Indeedvisa are able to advise you on a selecting the best visa option, checking your eligibility, helping you with visa application process, continuous to support queries until final decision is made and any specific legal requirements.

Most of agents overseas have limited knowledge and experience when it comes to Migration profession. Migration rules changes continuously and Most of these agents don’t have most updated information on latest changes, which results in incorrect information passed to client. This can lead to adverse impact on visa applications. A migration agent is bound by code of conduct specified by MARA and keep themselves updated with most current rules and regulations.

The short answer is NO. Our prices are very competitive, especially when compared to benefits it comes with such as convenience of handling complete application and support until final decision is made on application. Some of overseas agents charge exorbitant charges, which are much higher than what Indeedvisa charges. Our reasonable charges and highly level service make Indeedvisa ideal choice for any migration related issues.

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