You will acquire citizenship automatically if you were born to an Australian Citizen or permanent resident. In other cases, you must apply for Australian citizenship. There are two ways of gaining Australian citizenship:

  1. Citizenship by Descent or Adoption
  2. Citizenship by Conferral 

Citizenship by Descent or Adoption

You may be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent or adoption if:

  1. Your parent lost their citizenship before 4 April 2002
  2. One of your parents was an Australian citizen before you were born; and
  3. You were born outside of Australia
  1. One of your adoptive parents must be an Australian citizen when you were adopted; and
  2. Adoption must be done in accordance with Hague convention or a bilateral arrangement. 
  3. If your parents became an Australian citizen by decent or adoption, they must have stayed lawfully in Australia for at least two years. 

Citizenship by Conferral – Requirements

Eligibility requirements for Citizenship by Conferral are as below: 

  1. You are at least 18 years old. 
  2. You are a permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen. 
  3. You have been a permanent resident for at least 1 year
  4. You have been in Australian lawfully for at least 4 years 
  5. You have basic knowledge of the English language and Knowledge of Australia.
  1. You must pass a written test about Australian and its people, Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties and Government and the law in Australia
  1. You are of good character 
  2. You are not absent for a period totalling up to 12 months in the 4 years and not more than 3 months in 12 months before your application. 
  3. There is some exception which can be discussed with Registered Migration agent if you may not meet all requirements as stated above.  

There are some other pathways to become Australian citizen and can be discussed with Indeedvisa Registered Migration Agent. 


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